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HP12C Made Easy

November 4, 2019  ||  8:30am - 4:30pm
Hours: 7 CE
Instructor: Sharon K. Lowman, MAI, SRA
Cost: $135.00

Sedalia, MO

Comfort Inn & Suites
3600 W. Broadway - Sedalia, MO
(660) 829-5050
1.0 Miles West of Jct. US 65 and US 50 on US 50 Hwy
Do you want to learn how to use the HP 12C financial calculator? The seminar will be based on the premise that the attendee has not used the calculator. However the person who has used the calculator will greatly enhance their knowledge of the machine.The seminar will begin with a review of the keyboard with the following discussed with examples:   • Chain calculations will be worked,    • Reciprocal and power keys will be used,    • Three percentage keys will be demonstrated,   • Numbers will be stored and recalled in the available registers,   • Setting the calculator to the number of digits one wants to use will be shownA review of the financial capabilities of the calculator will follow:   • Attendees will calculate mortgage payment, annual debt service, and loan balance at some future point in time,   • Amortization schedule will be developed with payment, interest paid, principal paid off, and loan balance calculated,   • Mortgages will be analyzed,   • Cash equivalent sale prices will be derived using discounting process, financing adjustment will be derived.   • PV of fee simple and leased fee estate will be calculated using even and uneven cash flows    • Yield rates will be derived   • Beginning and end keys, and other misc. keys will be discussed. Statistical use of the calculator will be demonstrated including:   • Derivation of mean, standard deviation,   • Interpolation will be demonstrated with appraiser developing a cost new per unit of comparison (cost per square foot, per cubic foot, etc.)--which appraiser can use in cost approach (and other approaches) on daily basis,    • Attendee will learn how to stack registers, roll-down numbers, etc.Basic to more complex applications of the HP 12C calculator will be reviewed in a way all can comprehend. The HP 12C will be made easy. Entry level to experienced appraisers, consultants, lenders, real estate sales personnel, investors, and others could benefit by attending this seminar.