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The National USPAP Update

Hours: 7 CE
Cost: $220.00
This National USPAP Update course was developed by the Appraisal Foundation and taught by our National USPAP certified instructor. This class is required to renew an appraisers license.

The required USPAP Update doesn't have to be boring. Come join us. We'll review the entire current edition of USPAP, but relate it to the appraiser's practical experiences. Because the USPAP document changes often, appraisers must stay current on the document. In addition to reviewing the current USPAP book, we'll also look at Appraiser Commission changes.

Come join us for this USPAP Update. You are expected to stay current on USPAP. Some of you may be audited by your Appraiser's Commission or Board. Knowing what they will expect (appraisals to meet USPAP) will be beneficial to the appraiser.

Bring current USPAP book but national student manual will be provided in class.
Appraisers, review appraisers, consultants, lenders, compliance officers, etc. will benefit from this required seminar.