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How to do a FHA Appraisal

Hours: 7 CE
Cost: $135.00
Want to get on the FHA Appraiser Roster? Expand your clientele base and get approved to prepare FHA Appraisals. State certified real estate appraisers who have 2,000 hours or more of appraisal experience and are familiar with FHA's requirements via HUD Publication 4000.1 are eligible for placement on FHA's Roster. 

This seminar is a concentrated session addressing such topics as: the application process to become an FHA Roster appraiser, review of HUD Publication 4000.1 and HUD's minimum property standards for existing, proposed, and under construction properties. We will also identify what type of items require repair and how to complete the FHA appraisal report. Relevant mortgagee letters, FAQ's etc. will also be reviewed.

If you are thinking of doing FHA appraisal work, and want to get familiar with the new Handbook 4000.1, you won't want to miss this seminar. This seminar is great for appraisers, lenders, underwriters, and other interested parties.