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"Forms" Seminar

Hours: 7 CE
Cost: $135.00
Fannie Mae revised 11 of its appraisal forms. Let's look at the 1004, 1004MC, 1004C, 1004D, 2055, 2065, 2070, 2075, ERC, etc. and review any changes or problem areas. A comprehensive review of the 1004MC form will be done and a case study example worked. Students will be given a free spreadsheet to use when MLS data is not available and a free software program to extract data from your MLS into the 1004MC form. The program works with most (not all) MLS systems. Concerned about liability, especially when doing drive-bys? What can the appraiser do or say in the report to limit one's liability? Be informed, limit your liability. Who should attend? Appraisers, review appraisers, lenders, underwriters.