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Appraisal Reviews: Residential & Commercial

Hours: 7 CE
Cost: $135.00
Diversification is the key to survival today. Expand your expertise and do appraisal review work. This seminar was developed to assist the novice and experienced review appraiser, user of appraisal services, and practicing appraiser who wants to provide better quality reports. All can benefit by attending. What will be covered in this session? The appraisal review process and reporting requirements per USPAP, types of reviews, the reviewer's qualifications and the reviewer's role will be addressed in detail. Examples will be offered and critiqued by attendees. The appraiser's reports must be in compliance with USPAP, fair lending legislation, etc. today. The reviewer is often hired to check for compliance. Are you competent to provide this service? Who should attend? Appraisers, novice and experienced reviewers, and users of appraisal services.