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Appraiser Tools

Appraiser’s Log

The Appraisal Log form is a data entry PDF form provided by the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission.

Click here to go directly to the form.

In order to save the form with the information you enter, you must follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link above to open the form.
  2. Enter data into the form as indicated by the highlighted text boxes.
  3. Saving the form - Conduct the following steps, while the form is open and prior to exiting/closing the form, in order for the information that you entered to be saved.
    1. Select “File” (Upper right left corner of the form)
    2. Select “Save As” which will open a dialogue box
    3. Click in the “File Name”, create and enter a unique file name
      NOTE: While in the “Save As” dialogue box, please note the location of where the file will be saved which is indicated by the “Save In” location.
    4. Select “Save” which will save a unique copy of the form on your computer (or the location indicated in the “Save In”)
  4. The file can now be closed and opened at any time to make edits or continue adding information.

1004 MC Chart

Lowman & Co. has created a spreadsheet that can be used to analyze comparable sale and listing data for entry onto the 1004MC form. Information and directions on the use of our form follows:

Click here to download spreadsheet.

  1. Our spreadsheet was created as an Excel document.
  2. Enter your comparable sale and listing property data into your spreadsheet under the appropriate time period.
  3. Two additional columns, that are optional, have been created to enter additional information (GLA, residence type, etc.) about the comparable properties.
  4. The data on our form is for illustrative purposes only. Enter your data over the top of our existing data, erasing our data as you make entries.
  5. Delete any of our remaining sample sale and listing data on the grid.
  6. The spreadsheet will do all the calculations for you except for calculating the number of sales for each time period (which you must do) and identifying and describing the listing data.
  7. Go to File, Save As.
  8. Under document type, click Excel.
  9. You can then close it, and if you choose, open it later to continue adding data to the spreadsheet.

Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC)

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. HVCC Comments Letter