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Sharon K. Lowman, MAI, SRA

Sharon K. Lowman, MAI, SRA is a nationally recognized appraiser and instructor. Her 52 years of varied appraisal experience and 42 years of national teaching experience benefit all who attend her classes. Ms. Lowman was twice elected President of the K.C. Chapter of the AIREA, now known as the Appraisal Institute, and twice elected as a National Governing Councilor. She has served on numerous national, regional, and chapter committees. She was one of the five AIREA members selected to represent its 20,000 members and candidates on the Unification Committee with the Society of Real Estate Appraisers -- which drafted the plan to unify the two large appraisal organizations. She also was on the staff with the Resolution Trust Corporation as the Real Estate Appraisal Specialist for the Central Region of the USA (26 state area). She has developed and taught numerous courses/seminars for appraisers, including the Residential and General Certification Exam Preparatory Session for Missouri Appraisers. Ms. Sharon Lowman is a past chairperson of the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission. She is accredited by the Appraisal Foundation as a nationally Certified USPAP Instructor.

Jeffrey T. Lowman

Jeffrey T. Lowman is a General Certified Appraiser. He appraises residential, commercial, industrial, special-use, and agricultural type properties for various type clients including lenders, investors, government agencies, etc. He has taught and developed appraisal courses for Lowman & Co.

Jeff is very outgoing and personable, has a great sense of humor who makes learning fun for the students. He is very patient and understanding and anxious to help the student.